Remembering Bob

I had (still have) a special connection with my friend Bob Spiller.


We first met at Clearwater '90 after he had tromped the competition winning the Laurel & Hardy Trivia Quiz. 


Bob was a gentleman (and gentle man) who was just plain nice. A quality rare among today's human race.


Thank you for being a friend, Bob. Thank you very much.


 Henry "Butch" Sorenson 


After reading earlier this month of the passing of Ann Macdonald, the wife of our founder the late Les Macdonald,  I've learnt that Bob Spiller passed away on 25th of March. He was Grand Sheikh for many years, taking over where Les left off . A nice, well mannered man with a great knowledge of the Boys. He will be sadly missed. R.I.P. Bob.

 Samantha Bell 



Bob Spiller was a true gentleman. You couldn't find a nicer guy. RIP Bob, you will never be forgotten.

 Del Kempster 



















Here he is on the parade through Bishop Auckland on Saturday April 30th in 1988

I remember Bob as a knowledgeable, humble and quiet chap for whom the title ‘gentleman and scholar’ could have been written. His help and contributions to the Sunderland convention in 1988 were invaluable. Rest in Peace, Bob. 


 Mike Jones

The first article of the Constitution states “scholarly overtones and heavily social undertones”. That sums up Bob’s involvement to a T. He will be greatly missed. Rest well.

 Alex Rae 


A fine fellow, a dedicated Son of the Desert who had a quiet, whimsical and wry sense of humour. I remember him from UK and International Conventions and Liverpool tent meetings. RIP Bob, you served the Sons with distinction.

 Dave Fullbrook 


Bob was one of those people whose contribution to the Sons of the Desert cannot be overstated. In addition to being of enormous help and inspiration to Bowler Dessert, Bob made a vast contribution when he took over as Grand Sheik of the Leave ’em Laughing Tent of Liverpool, upon the sudden death of founder Les Macdonald. Bob was a passionate film collector and exhibitor of Laurel and Hardy films. He knew more about Laurel and Hardy than nearly everyone else I know. In addition to all this he truly deserves the tag “gentleman”.


 Willie McIntyre 


  Many of these tributes are from Facebook  

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