Reunited in Solingen

 Peter Küpers reports 

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Since visiting the UK is still limited, we had a mini Laurel and Hardy meeting from 30th to 31st October. It was a little bit like when you visit Ulverston on a weekend with other L&H members.


Participants were Mathias Günther, Kay Becker (from Saarbrücken), Rene Keller (from Switzerland) and myself, so a mini international convention. We met in Solingen in a small hotel and went to visit Wolfgang Günther's L&H Museum there, but we didn't inform Wolfgang and Vera, cause we didn't want to make a 'fuss' about it for them. So it was asurprise.


I haven't seen all of them including Wolfgang and Vera for years (included some years before Corona) and it was fantastic! The museum was quite busy, but still limited by Corona regulations (arduously work for Wolfgang and Vera). So we decided to invite them on the evening in a restaurant. Wolfgang showed us two features assorted by a Belgium tent showing the careers of Ollie and Stan separately. I've never seen these before. And we had a lot of talking to each other and some visitors in the museum.


Rainer Dick and Michael Schmitz joined us on Sunday for the visit. Unfortunately Harry and Christel couldn't make it, even though I offered Christel a lift from and to Düsseldorf, but they were busy with familiar business.


Rene proposed a meeting in Switzerland in the next years after his retirement.

At the end on Sunday afternoon, we had a 'private' concert in the museum. A tent member of Wolfgang played for us some tunes on a harmonium. The organist's name is Oliver Richters.


When we met in the evening in the restaurant, there was a another couple with us from the UK (South or North of London), who live and work permanently in Germany in Kitzingen (near bigger city Würzburg, on the bank of the river Main in the South of Germany). The man's name was Malcolm Luckie (unfortunately I can't remember her name). The guy has an enormous collection of L&H under the rooftop of his house and he showed us pictures and videos about it, amazing!


 Photos by Mathias and Rainer 

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