Dave Wyatt tells us, “We have had to postpone our silent comedy weekend until (hopefully) September 5/6th, due to the canus delirious.”

Silent Comedy Weekend

at the Cinema Museum, London

 Dave Wyatt reports 

2 days of (mostly) silent comedies - with a L&H show Saturday morning (3 L&Hs with Jean Harlow; BACON GRABBERS, LIBERTY & DOUBLE WHOOPEE); a Hal Roach rarities programme presented by Rob Stone from the Library of Congress in the afternoon (Charley Chase's WAY OF ALL PANTS; plus LAUGHING LADIES & MOONLIGHT AND NOSES directed by Stan Laurel - early versions of LEAVE 'EM LAUGHING and HABEAS CORPUS respectively) - and on Sunday morning another recent discovery - the climax of Larry Semon's long lost STOP LOOK AND LISTEN, co-starring and co-directed by Oliver Hardy.

All films have live musical accompaniment - Vincent Byrne (of Birmingham's Laughing Gravy Tent) will be playing for the L&Hs.

I'm very pleased we've persuaded Rob Stone to present his programme, and he may be able to bring a few copies of his book 'Laurel or Hardy' , should anyone want a buy a signed copy. Other films will include Harry Langdon, Buster Keaton, British stars Lupino Lane and Walter Forde, and more. 


Please see the Cinema Museum website for full programme, ticket prices and more info:

Saturday 18 April 2020




Three of the funniest L&H silents, all of which include an appearance by the soon–to-be-legendary Jean Harlow. 


BACON GRABBERS (L&H try to reclaim a radio from Edgar Kennedy)


LIBERTY (convicts L&H end up on a half-completed skyscraper) 


DOUBLE WHOOPEE (L&H as hotel doormen lose Harlow’s dress and a foreign dignitary’s good will)

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