Suzy Delair RIP

Suzy Delair, French Actress and Chanteuse, Dies at 102


Jonathan Bridge reports, “Sad to report that Suzy Delair, Laurel and Hardy's last leading lady, has died at the age of 102.”


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She teamed with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in Utopia (1950), a France-Italy co-production that saw her portray a nightclub singer shipwrecked with the comedy duo on a deserted island rich in uranium deposits. Production problems, along with the failing health of its American-based stars, contributed to the film's failure. (It was released as Atoll K in Europe.)

"I was not too thrilled with the planned plot and wondered what I could contribute to a Laurel & Hardy film," Delair says in Norbert Aping's 2007 book The Final Film of Laurel and Hardy: A Study of the Chaotic Making and Marketing of Atoll K.

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