Tell Me That Again play
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Acclaimed play looks for openings.


Tents are invited to support.

My name is David Shaw and together with my best friend Wayne Kelsall, we make up a Laurel and Hardy act. We live on the Isle of Man.

We are both seasoned actors and frequently appear at the Gaiety Theatre in Douglas IOM in a range of different plays. In 2016, we performed the Tom McGrath play "Laurel and Hardy" on the Island.


I then wrote a one act play "Tell Me That Again" (approx 50 minutes) which we took up to the Edinburgh Festival in 2017. The play, with a very loose nod to the "This is your Life" format, charts the duo's progress from first humble beginnings through their success to the end of their career, through the use of narrative, multi characters, songs, sketches and dance.


The play was received well, and we were offered a bigger venue and longer run on our return the following year, but due to the pandemic, this didn't happen.


We did perform the play back on the IOM in the Island's one act play festival and won two awards, one for the best comedy moment, the other being the Adjudicator's Cup... a special award not always given.


Since then, we have performed at several charity events (we were filmed one Christmas doing the dance from Way Out West - it has since had more than 130,000 views on Facebook and over 3,000 on YouTube. ) (And we weren't very good that day... he was ill!))


So basically, that's our background, what we would like to do now, is start  performing our play off the Isle of Man.

I was wondering if it might be something that would be of interest to the "Tents" ?


 David Shaw 

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