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The Laurel & Hardy
Movie Scripts Volume 2
Movie scripts book 2.jpg

MIKE JONES has some initial reactions:

I'd always planned to pick up a copy from Randy in Albuquerque, but as soon as I saw the book had 'hit the shelves', I knew I wouldn't be able to wait and Mr Amazon (other online retailers are available) delivered it on Monday 27th. It is much longer than Scripts Vol 1 (412 pages as opposed to 286) and has loads of photos, several of which were new to me. I made a bee-line for the section on an unfilmed script 'Tickets for Two' closely followed by the sections on 'Hats Off' and the 'insurance' scene in 'The Battle of the Century'. I then just settled down to read it in order.


I've already seen loads of 'new' info but here are a couple of examples:The scripted name for the agency in 'Do Detectives Think?' was "Hitchcock and Scratchit" - I can't imagine why that didn't make it into the finished film, and from 'Two Tars' we learn that the entire scripted opening sequence of the boys spending their hard earned leisure time... fishing on a rowing boat in the ocean, appears to have been discarded without being filmed.


I can already see that Randy has done a wonderful job on this, and the book will make a splendid addition to any L&H collection.

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