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The Perry Winkle

 The latest issue is a cracker! It always is. 


As The Perry Winkle chugs resolutely towards its hundredth edition next year, number 96 shows no loss of steam. It is terrific and always has been. Editor Roger Robinson kindly says, “If anyone would like a FREE copy to view, then they can pass on their address to me and I will put one in the post.”


In the current issue, Roger tells us about when Frankie Vaughan met Stan Laurel. 


Stephen O’Crowley reports on an afternoon of entertainment in the company of composer, author and dramatist Neil Brand, whose Laurel and Hardy credentials are enviable.


Author Chris England looks at the connections with Arthur Dando, who worked with Stan Laurel early in his career.


As always there is a page of letters, even from Italy and Germany.


Dave Wyatt has been looking again at the movie Stan & Ollie and has noted twelve mistakes in the first six and a half minutes of the film! 


There is a report, by Doug McMahon, on this year’s UK Convention, which was held in and around Greenock.


Eric Schultz looks in detail at some of the early books on Laurel and Hardy, including three by their biographer John McCabe.


Bill Crouch’s research into Laurel and Hardy’s visit to Glasgow in 1932 features in a detailed article.


Harry Hoppe, as always, has some unusual and sometimes wacky photos of overseas posters etc featuring our heroes.


I even have a regular page and this time I fondly recall the second UK Convention, held in 1979 in Ashton-under-Lyne.


The back page is always headed “Cockles & Mussels” and has a diversity of items, including future meetings and events.

 Wiillie McIntyre 


Don’t forget, you can receive a FREE copy from Roger by emailing him.

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