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'Tis the Season

Christmas at the venue where Stan Laurel made his debut in 1907


Our wonderful team have recorded a Christmas song for charity. Here comes old Father Christmas. Only 99p! Based on Harry Champion’s Christmas Song which was released in 1915. Please help us fundraise by purchasing the song from our website which you can then add to your fabulous Christmas playlist.

Follow the instruction in the link!.


Denton gets switched on

Denton's three-day Christmas celebration came to a close last Sunday following a festive market, talent show and Christmas lights switch on.

Laurel & Hardy, from the Sailors Beware Tent in Hyde, helped switch on the lights together with the Civic Mayor of Tameside, Councillor Leigh Drennan.

The three-day extravaganza was organised by Denton Events, local councillors Denise Ward and Vincent Ricci.

Laurel and Hardy (brothers Graeme and Stuart Green)

join local councillors Denise Ward and Vincent Ricci for the switch on

Them Thar Hills Tent


Melvin posted this photo with the note, “Door staff for the meeting next Tuesday. They will prevent escapes when the Vice Sheik conducts the singalong. 7.30pm, folks.”

Men o' War Tent


Details of the Men o' War Tent's Christmas meeting are now on our website.  A big thank you to everyone who nominated a film or two to make up the evening's programme - full results are listed on the website too and we'll aim to include the unsuccessful films in future programmes.


Paul Harding

Bonnie Scotland Tent

Our thoughts turned to December and suitably enough, Christmas. Our December meeting will be on Wednesday 11 December.


The Christmas meeting is on Saturday 11 January. Two easy dates to remember. Now that Kilty Kiltys is no more, we will congregate in the Steak House [in Paisley].

 Janice Hawton 

Sailors Beware Tent

Don't forget the special Christmas event of the Sailors Beware Tent.

On the telly

Radio Times (30.11.19. - 06.12.19.)

On Talking Pictures TV


Note who's in the Christmas trailer for Talking Pictures, The best channel on TV!

 Stephen Barlow 

Only one offering from Talking Pictures over the Christmas Holiday Period starring the Boys.


So what better way to enjoy Boxing Day morning than watching Stan and Babe in The Flying Deuces, starting at 11.30am. 


Can I on behalf of all the Sons from the Beau Chumps Tent, Sunderland, wish all fellow Sons of the Desert worldwide a very happy and peaceful Christmas holiday time. Looking forward to more laughs with Stan and Babe in 2020.


 Peter Jones