Tom McGrath play in Edinburgh
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A Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh production

by Tom McGrath
Directed by Tony Cownie

“Babe Hardy and Stan Laurel. Ollie Hardy and Laurel... Laurel and Hardy... OK. Let’s give it a try.”

Laurel & Hardy sees us revisit a Scottish classic production nearly twenty years after it was first performed. Tom McGrath was one of Scotland’s finest twentieth century playwrights and poets. He was also, for many years, the playwright in residence at The Lyceum where much of his work was performed.

In Laurel and Hardy, McGrath has the two iconic comedians look back over their lives, loves and friendship in a story that blends slapstick humour, melancholy and beautifully simple theatricality.

In 2005, Steven McNicoll and Barnaby Power, wowed audiences with the skill and humanity of their performances playing the two older men. Now, in 2022, they are closer to the real ages of Laurel and Hardy at the end of their careers and will bring new layers of depth, and truth to this moving and funny production.


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