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'Twas Ever Thus

 New book, by MIKE JONES 

Available now direct from Lulu (see below)

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The Lulu 'sales pitch' reads:

A lot of books have been written about Laurel and Hardy over the years and several more are on their way. So why another? Well, this one is slightly different.


Firstly, It looks at all of the films made by the duo in alphabetical order, which is unusual. But also, as it is written by an ordinary fan, for the fans. And by fans, we mean aficionados of all levels. Oh, all proceeds go to charity too.


For the novice, we have a short retelling of the plot and some classic dialogue. More experienced buffs will see a number of rare stills including a good few taken behind the scenes, as well as some trivia, much of which is little known.

Mike Jones is a true lover of all things Laurel and Hardy, and has been for longer than he can remember. He is the Grand Sheik of the Sunderland U.K. chapter of the Laurel and Hardy worldwide appreciation society - the Beau Chumps tent, who are named after the 1931 film of the same name.

While he holds this high office, he has no authority whatsoever; as decreed by the mock-serious constitution of the aforementioned society - in the formation of which Mr Laurel himself had a hand.

So, the book is written with love, enthusiasm and for Charity.

Specific sections covered are:

Mr Laurel
Mr Hardy
Laurel and Hardy Films
Cameo and Guest Appearances
This is Your Life
Behind the Scenes images
Supporting Players
The Sons of the Desert

Mike Jones writes:


The price will be £10 each or £13.00 posted anywhere in the UK. I'm happy to post worldwide too, and understand that shipping costs to the USA is c£9.00; to Canada, c£8.75 and Europe c£6.00. If you order more than one, shipping will of course increase but it will bring the cost per book down.

You can also get these directly from Lulu, but I won't be able to sign and or dedicate those. I was a bit dischuffed at them imposing minimum prices, though this might work better for you. So in the UK, the direct price is £12.50 plus shipping from £3.94. In the States, the price is $16.50 plus shipping from $5.69. I don't have any direct shipping costs for Canada or Europe, but the Lulu Direct prices are Ca$26.00 and €15.00.

If you ask Prof Google to go to  and type Twas Ever Thus into the 'Search Bookstore' box, that should get you there.
Worth remembering is that once the costs are covered, all proceeds go into the tent funds and ultimately to our Charity, which this year is The Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen. And my humble and grateful thanks to anyone and everyone who chooses to invest their 'hard-earned' in this venture.

ISBN 9781446603000

273 pages


digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)

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