Twice Two Tent of St Neots
First Meeting

  Roger Robinson reports  

Joanne Johnson, Grand Sheik of ‘Twice Two’ tent in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, launched her new tent about two years ago. With her enthusiasm and knowledge and the support from daughter Rosie and son Jacob, and good friend professional actor Joe Figg onboard, they were ready to take the bull by the horn and hold their first meeting. Covid19 of course got in the way, and Jo had to bide her time. 


On Thursday 23rd September, the tent was finally able to hold their first meeting. I promised that I would be there for such an auspicious occasion, and I am sure pleased that I did. 


St Neots is a delightful town, and the Priory Centre, where the meeting took place, is an ideal location adjacent to the River Great Ouse. As if to greet us, a flotilla of 20 swans swam past the venue as I arrived. Joe Figg welcomed everybody, and the show got underway with The Flying Deuces. Lots of nice prizes were up for the grabs in the raffle - I was pleased to win both a pineapple (my favourite fruit) and a bottle of red wine (my favourite drink!). Of course, Jo upheld the Sons tradition of Loyal Toasts and we sang with gusto (who is he?) ‘We Are the Sons of the Desert’. 


I am very grateful to have been at the tent’s first meeting. I hope other Sons may be able to attend future meetings because this is a tent that really want to be part of the Sons’ fun. 

Roger and Jo – ‘Honolulu Baby

Roger and Jo.png