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Two letters

 MIKE JONES reports 

Fellow Chump Alan Kent has been diligently visiting Facetube or something like that to collate a substantial collection of rare and unusual photographs of Stan, Babe and others.


Amongst these, he found a letter from Alec Guinness to Stan, congratulating him on his Oscar award. I had heard of the letter before but had never seen it. Whether this is the actual letter or just the text is open to discussion, but it most certainly is very gracious and Stan must have been thrilled to receive it from one, who was already at that time, an acting legend.

Alan also uncovered a letter from Stan to Hal Roach written in 1959. This is around the time of Roach's financial difficulties and is typical Stan, very well expressed, sympathetic and to the point. It did have the Oceania Apartments insignia at the top of the letter, but I cropped this off as the contributors name was in the way anyway.

I have uploaded the best of Alans finds, many of which I hadn't seen before, and I think its really worth a look.