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UK Convention Movie Starter
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Sons of the Desert - Ulverston 2004

Some rare footage from the 2004 Ulverston carnival


Footage courtesy of Bowler Dessert

1987 Sons of the Desert Convention in Glasgow

Transferred from a Super 8 movie

shot by Bob Spiller.

Footage courtesy of Bowler Dessert


I've been put in charge of organising a two hour film show at this year's UK convention. Eric told me to be as creative as I like!

So, as well as a selection of classic sound shorts, there will be a mixture of vintage Laurel & Hardy related footage (including some rare cartoon cameos), a couple of splendid Dirty Movies (music videos) and some rare footage from past Laurel & Hardy events, featuring several Sons when they were still in their youth (that does indicate how far back we go!)

The film show will be on the Friday afternoon (time TBC.) I guarantee this will start your convention with lots of Laurel & Hardy laughs! See you there. Bring your own drinks. Mine's a pint.



 Gary Winstanley


Dirty Work PIctures.png
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