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40th UK Convention:
update January 2022

We have had many bumpy bits on the road over the last few years, however all things going well, the Bonnie Scotland Tent still intend to host this Convention from Friday 29 April to Monday 02 May 2022 in the Tontine Hotel in Greenock.


The programme should be as outlined waaaay back in 2019. We have been able to keep the hotel costs to those negotiated in 2018 and hope to keep other costs the same. However, in the intervening years there have been some increases in costs in the non-hotel side of things, and we may have to ask for a small sum from folk to cover these increases. You will of course be advised of this in advance.


Emails will be sent confirming Convention fees paid / owed. This was done previously. However, that was quite a while ago when we were gearing up to 2020 the first time around. 

We are still at the mercy of covid and various Governments, but all going well we will meet up in The Tontine on Friday 29 April 2022. 


Have a Happy and peaceful New Year


 Janice Hawton