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40th UK Convention:
update January 2021

Hello folks,


Where to even start?

This message may not wholly surprise you. The 40th UK Convention is due to start on 7 May. The vaccine process has started and as to whether it is to be administered in two or twelve weeks is really a bit of a moot point. The official thoughts are that everyone who is due to receive it in the UK, will have received their vaccination by September. Other countries will have their own timetable.

I suspect that not everyone who is due to come to the Convention will have had their full vaccination by May. Add to that, the fact that they will need to see the effect of the vaccine over a period of time to say nothing of the number of social bubbles involved or the number permitted in any gathering, or the prevailing Governmental restrictions at that point, I have reluctantly come to conclusion that it would be neither wise nor safe for us to have our Convention in May. I am therefore proposing to re-arrange it for another date. I know this will disappoint folk, and it is really disappointing to the Bonnie Scotland Tent that we are in this invidious position. Most have paid in full already, however if anyone wishes to withdraw from the Convention, I fully understand and shall arrange a refund less £15 which is towards things we have already paid for.

The Tontine Hotel is currently closed and I have been unable to speak to someone about an alternative date. They do however have my email waiting for them. I have asked for the date of 29 April to 2 May 2022 however, I will need to see whether that date is available. There is no later bank holiday in May next year due to that Monday holiday being moved to the following Thursday to allow for the Platinum Jubilee. I will endeavour to keep it to as near our usual first weekend in May as possible.

I would like to think I will be able to send a further update in the next week or so, hopefully with a date we can set in stone. I would like to thank Nick Bowler and Steve Brooks for their continuing understanding and assistance with this. 

So, as they say, that’s all folks.


Fraternally yours