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2026 International Convention

San Diego

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We are thrilled, honored, and humbled to finally be able to announce publicly, and officially, that beautiful San Diego has been chosen as the recipient city of the 2026, 24th International Sons of the Desert convention! It will be held at the Legacy Hotel, Resort and Spa from Sunday, June 21, 2026 till Thursday, June 25, 2026. The property is located in Hotel Circle on the outskirts of the downtown area.

Since we are just out of the gate today with official status, we are still formulating an itinerary. Of course, this will take time to develop. But a basic template I can reveal now. Sunday night will be an informal Mixer with cash bar, and hors d’euvres. And we'll open up dealers and cinema room from maybe 9pm till midnight.

On Monday, we want to show off some of this fabulous city by going by coach to a couple places, such as Old Town, the Navy carrier, USS Midway, and possibly a tour at Del Mar track. (Babe Hardy was a co-founder and board member). In the evening, we will enjoy a dinner cruise out in the bay; the literal Saps at Sea cruise!

Tuesday night, a special film show in the 500 seat theatre on the hotel property! Yes, for real! Our own Russ Peck, a long time professional silent film accompanist, will play the silent portion.

On Wednesday night, we'll have our formal banquet, with vintage, authentic period music by the fabulous Dean Mora Orchestra (currently in talks with me). The closing brunch and meeting will be on Thursday.

It is our goal to have DAY passes for each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Additionally, we will have tickets for each of the evening events! This allows for extra people to come in, experience a piece of the convention, and helps fill the coffers! Dean Mora has a longtime loyal following of jazz and dance enthusiasts, which bodes well. For the film show, we really want to throw open the doors for the general public. Exposing people to the magic of Stan and Ollie is what it's all about!!

I am exhilarated to hear the positive buzz about San Diego. We will give you as wonderful a four days as we can. But the success rests with you. I need paying bodies in the seats, beit as a full registrant, a one dayer, or a one nighter!
We look outside the box and will be creative and innovative. Accordingly, I'll put this out there too as an option.

Various reasons may prevent you from attending, but if anyone would like to help us defray convention costs by becoming a convention donor, we would appreciate your benevolence. We will list all donors in our program (with your permission of course, or you may be "anonymous") please PM me or email me about being a donor.

Finally, our theme will be A Centennial tribute, 1926/2026, the 100th anniversary of Laurel and Hardy working together at the Hal Roach Studios! Our convention will be dedicated to the loving memory of our 30 year Grand Shiek, John Field.

More to follow as it all unfolds. Hope to see you all in Diego in 2026!

 Dave Greim, David Webb, James D Fauset, Rebecca Gray, Russ Peck 


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