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Stan Laurel
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Real name Arthur Stanley Jefferson.

Born in Ulverston, England on June 16th, 1890.

Auburn hair, blue eyes.

Height 5ft 9in.

Weight 10st 10lb (in 1933).

Educated at King James Grammar School, Bishop Auckland.

Following stage appearances in England as a comedian, toured America in Fred Karno's Company in 1910. Became producer for a short time. Successful comedy roles on screen since around 1917.

Married to four women: 1926-35 Lois Neilsen, 1935-37 and 1941-46 Virginia Ruth Rogers, 1938-40 Vera Ivanova Shuvalova ("Illeana") and 1946-65 Ida Kitaeva Raphael, who survived him. Mae Charlotte Dahlberg was his common-law wife from 1918 till 1925.

Legally changed his name to Stan Laurel in 1931, preferring "Stan" to "Stanley".

Two children, Lois and Stanley Robert. Robert lived only a few weeks.

According to his wife Ruth, Stan could dance and yodel and believed in reincarnation.

Died on 23rd February, 1965.

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