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Don’t laugh!

April Fool joke spotted on Facebook.

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Hexham and Elland

I'm delighted to confirm that we will be running a second Beau Chumps Tent Big Screen Event on Saturday 22nd June 2024 with the same early kick off of 5.30pm. The Forum Cinema in the beautiful town of Hexham will be hosting us again and while films etc are still to finalise, we are working on a theme - 'Two Laurels and Hardys for the price of one' - and, like last year, we will enjoy two sound shorts and a feature. We'll also be delighted to again welcome a very special guest, Stan's great nephew, Keith Woods.

Six of us Chumps were at the annual Laurel and Hardy event at the Rex Cinema in Elland on Saturday 23rd and we all had a splendid time with 241 other Laurel and Hardy fans. Yes folks, that's 247 in total - plus Charles Morris and his team. What a great turnout!

   Mike Jones 

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Men o’ War Tent

We have got an excellent L&H programme lined up for the meeting on 13th April. We open with the truly classic Two Tars and, if all goes to plan, Nigel will be providing a special treat for us by bringing in his 35MM copy together with his 35MM projector to start the evening! 

Just a reminder, too, that there are still some FREE tickets available, thanks to the Saps at Sea Tent, for the Summer Show at the Westcliffe Theatre in Clacton. The tickets are for the performance at 2.30pm on Saturday, 24th August. What a great way to enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend!

 Paul Harding

Sheffield before the Blitz

A post appeared on a local Facebook page about the Sheffield Blitz during WW2 of which here is an extract. The mention of a certain film and accompanying image caught the eye...

It’s amazing how differently children viewed life during World War II. Many have been interviewed over the years, and quite a few were at the Central Picture House on The Moor on the first night of the Sheffield Blitz.

Their parents had taken them to see Shirley Temple's ‘Blue Bird’ as a Christmas treat – the film was hoping to compete with the ‘Wizard of Oz’ which had been released a few months earlier. More than 80 years later, do you know their main regret? Not seeing the end of the film!

‘To Hell with Hitler’ was the rallying cry as tens of thousands filled the city centre determined to celebrate Christmas on December 12th, 1940.

Bernard Taylor and his band were entertaining the City Hall ballroom masses with swing, while Laurel & Hardy’s ‘Saps at Sea’ was being shown in numerous cinemas.

The bars and theatres were bustling. Without the air raid sirens at 7pm, one might scarcely believe that Britain was on the brink of invasion, the Nazi war machine seeming unstoppable at this point. Yet, even then, the public's reaction was muted - false alarms had become a regular occurrence.

The calm was shattered when Sheffield’s anti-aircraft batteries activated and cinema managers interrupted shows to direct audiences to air raid shelters, as the hum of enemy planes approached. Sheffield's day or reckoning had arrived, heralding nine hours of relentless bombardm

 John Burton

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Someone’s coming

 Look what I found in a used book store!

 Eric Schultz

Susan in Glasgow

The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow, where Stan Laurel made his debut in 1907, will feature on Channel 5 tomorrow (Friday) at 9pm as part of Susan Calman’s Great British Cities.

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'Twas Ever Thus

If you're attending the UK Convention in Birmingham in May and would like a copy of 'Twas Ever Thus', please can you let me know so I've a rough idea of how many to bring, and thanks in advance for that. We are now in clear profit and estimate that we should be able to give £500 to charity from sales of the book alone this year. Thanks so much if you have already invested in my meanderings.

 Mike Jones

Below Zero Tent

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...and finally

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