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Laurel and Hardy visit Glasgow 1932

When Laurel and Hardy spent a weekend in Glasgow at the end of July 1932, extraordinary scenes in and around Glasgow’s Central Station met their evening arrival from Edinburgh. Nine people were taken to hospital and dozens more received treatment in the streets when a crowd of between 5000 and 6000 well-wishers surged around them as they left the platform on their way to the nearby Central Hotel.

By the time they got to the main entrance of the hotel they were nearly all out and badly shaken by the stampede of people eager to see them.

Glasgow 1932 (1).jpg

The comedians were sufficiently recovered from their tumultuous welcome to visit the “Daily Record” office  in Glasgow shortly after midnight.

They are seen here reading copies of the morning issue, which contained a detailed account of the remarkable stampede which occurred when they arrived in Glasgow.

It was after two a.m. when the comic duo finally reached their beds.

After a late breakfast at the Central Hotel, Hardy left to play a round of golf (his first in Britain), while Stan rested at the hotel and then held press interviews.

Later that afternoon Laurel and Hardy made a personal appearance at the La Scala Picture House in nearby Sauchiehall Street, where once again they were given a grand welcome.

They are seen here having a ‘spirited encounter’ on the roof of the La Scala much to everyone’s amusement.

Mr King of the La Scala, who had played golf with Hardy earlier that day, arranged for a showing of their short comedy film ‘One Good Turn’ that Saturday evening.

Glasgow 1932 (2).jpg

In a letter written by Stan later that year regarding their UK tour, he remarked that he had come to the UK for a rest - but had gone back to the States a nervous wreck. However, he said that if he had died from it all it would have been a humble way of showing his appreciation. He had been disappointed that he could not go where he wanted - even to visit his mother’s grave in Glasgow, his whole time being taken up with the public, the press and photographers.

 Bill Crouch 

Mike Jones came across a photo which we had not seen before. It shows Laurel and Hardy at the premises of the Glasgow Evening News in July 1932. Does anyone have any further information on the visit?

Visiting the Glasgow Evening News July 1
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