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New tent proposed


Calling all UK East Midlands/East Anglia Laurel and Hardy fans. I'm hoping to start a Sons of the Desert tent, in the lower Lincolnshire area. I'm looking to see who would be interested. Areas of south Holland, Boston, south and north Kesteven, Peterborough, Fenland, Kings Lynn, west Norfolk might be of travelling distance to me. I would like to assess the viability of meetings. I'm still unsure of a venue and area to hold them so anyone who would be interested in coming along or being involved in running a tent please let me know, comment or message me on Facebook.

For those unfamiliar with Sons of the Desert tents, the idea is to get together monthly or less watch the boys’ films and have a good time, sharing our enjoyment of their films.

 Graham Wale

Come to Elland


The Annual Laurel and Hardy Screening at the Rex Cinema in Elland near Leeds takes place on Saturday 23rd March and we now have the programme which is Big Business, Men 'O War, Thicker Than Water and Way Out West. What a swell selection!


You may have noted a common theme of the screenings? Yes indeed, Jimmie Finlayson is in every one of them - which was the idea of our pal, Ben Hinchcliffe, who will also be accompanying Big Business on the Theatre Organ. You'll have often heard me say that there's nothing like seeing Laurel and Hardy on the big screen? Well, having seen several live accompanied silents over the years, there is also nothing like seeing a silent embellished by a live performance which is specially arranged for the picture, and that is what Ben is working on even as I type.

    Mike Jones 

This will actually be the 30th anniversary of our first  L&H film show at the Rex, and so we hope to make it the most successful and enjoyable event ever.

Tickets are £6 for everyone and booking will very soon be available via our website  It is also possible to book over the phone, when the cinema is open, and pay by card.  01422 372140.

Elland is just off Junction 24 of the M63, between Halifax and Huddersfield, and the Rex is in the middle of the town.  There is ample car parking nearby and several good eating houses and hostelries within walking distance.

 Charles Morris

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Painting for sale


A unique original oil painting of Laurel and Hardy which was painted on the set of “We Faw Down” by their costume designer Louise McCaslin is going up for sale at Heritage Auctions in about a month.

This painting will be auctioned at Heritage Auctions Feb. 10.

It was featured in 2015 in Laurel and Hardy Magazine. I have attached a photo of the original unpublished hand-written note from the artist that was on the piece back originally.

It is an original oil painting of Laurel and Hardy painted on set in 1928 by their then costume designer. It's also a great early piece of pop art.

This was done on set of the film 'We Faw Down' by their former Hollywood costume designer, Louise Lauritzen McCaslin (1896-1985), who worked in Hollywood in the 1920's for L&H. McCaslin was a listed California (Monterey) based artist and former art teacher.

My husband has owned this work for 10 years and I am trying to spread the word to museums who feature L&H as I would love for it to end up there. The price is quite reasonable for such as unique piece, and I truly hope it will end up in your hands.

Best Regards,

The sale is taking place in Texas and the company ship worldwide.

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Pointless Laurel and Hardy

'Laurel & Hardy' was the subject on Pointless (BBC1 - 31.01.24.)

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Pointless 1.png

More on Harry

Putting  info onto IMDB, which  is never ending, I came across this about Harry Worth:

In 1952 he was touring with Laurel and Hardy doing a ventriloquist act. Stan advised him to drop the dummy and concentrate on his humorous asides which Stan thought had more potential. Harry took Stan’s advice but was so nervous when he did the new act that he came across as bumbling and hesitant which the audience found amusing.

 Tony Hillman


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