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Laughing Gravy Tent of Birmingham

The latest issue of The Birmingham Bark is, as always, a great read.  Not only have John and Mandy been pulling out all the stops to make the Convention work for us all, but they have excelled as usual in keeping the Laughing Gravy Tent busy with all the usual fun of meetings.

We are told that the last two convention places have now been taken.

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B Bark.jpg

Irv’s new book

I am working on a book on the Hauptmann Trial from the Lindbergh kidnapping. A number of my books were put on the back burner. I took a break from the book I have been working on for years and finished a few more books from the "Movie Publicity” series.

Volume 26 features Hal Roach’s “Turnabout”. It also features the Hal Roach "Streamliners" book that went to theater managers with the 1941-1942 output.


"See" the reasons that the "Streamliner" set of two features will be more profitable than other, longer double features for the theater to book. Also see how "Turnabout" was released in its historical perspective.

Available through Amazon, B& or order from your favorite book store.

  Irv Hyatt 

’Twas Ever Thus


I'm delighted to confirm that we're now at a point with my book where 100% of the money taken will go to our Charity, the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen.


If you don't have a copy of the book yet and fancy one, they are only £10 each and full details can be found here


I'm also really chuffed to tell you that the new owner of 3 Argyle Street in Ulverston has ordered a copy, and so it will reside in the property that Stan was born in.

 Mike Jones

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Hippodrome Silent Film Festival

The Hippodrome Silent Film Festival in Bo'ness has announced the programme for its 14th edition, with a stellar line-up of silent films presented with live musical accompaniment plus fascinating talks, engaging workshops, exhibition, and a generous online offering too. Named after its home cinema in Bo’ness, the Festival which is affectionately known as HippFest, will take place from Wednesday 20 to Sunday 24 March 2024.

No HippFest would be complete without a touch of silent comedy, and this year has laughter aplenty with screenings featuring comedy giants Laurel and Hardy, and Buster Keaton. Start the weekend right with HippFest’s Saturday morning’s Jeely Jar Screening of Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928). Buster Keaton’s inspired energy and inventive physical comedy dazzle in this hilarious, heart-warming comedy, featuring possibly the most celebrated comedy set piece in cinema history. Plus a double bill from history’s favourite comedy duo: Laurel and Hardy in The Second Hundred Years (1927) and The Finishing Touch (1928) with Stephen Horne and Frank Bockius performing live.

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Below Zero Tent of Battle

The venue is the Battle Memorial Hall in the High Street. Here is the link.


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Lord Heath’s website

This website will soon be split into several sections with new menus. The old version of the site remains for now, albeit with some images and pages deliberately removed.

Order shall be restored soon. I am suffering from a second bout of Covid-19 and therefore I am not at my sharpest. Your patience is appreciated. Your support is appreciated more!

In my not-so private life I have been doing a rather enjoyable project for the past 2 years where I have been doing short video reviews for over 1,000 drinks for my YouTube channel. Links and details to this project will be incorporated onto this site on a separate page shortly; along with the Hitchcock project I was doing for the last few years (and where the majority of my audience was).

 Dave Lord Heath

Laptop Writing

...and finally

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