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Calendars sold out; Christmas cards still available

We have sold all our 2023 calendars and we thank our readers for their support. We do still have Christmas cards for sale.


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New book from Randy


Here it is - my new book.

The layout for my book, "March of the Wooden Soldiers: The Amazing Story of Laurel & Hardy's Babes in Toyland," has been finished by David Koenig. The cover, designed by Joe Busam with photo coloring by Ron Yungul, is also complete. They are magnificent! I'm not posting anything, because I want folks to be bedazzled by the actual book!

Our official publication date for "March of the Wooden Soldiers: The Amazing Story of Laurel & Hardy's 'Babes in Toyland'" was November 22.

Customers can now pre-order hardcovers and Kindle ebooks directly from Amazon. Amazon orders will not be signed, as the books go directly from Amazon printers and I never see 'em!.

 Randy Skretvedt

Below Zero.jpg

Below Zero Tent of Battle

We are pleased to announce our next Below Zero Tent, Laurel & Hardy film show is on 9th December at the usual place and time, Memorial Hall, Battle from 3pm.

You may be be aware of the very sad circumstances which caused us to cancel the last show. Since then lots of people have been asking us about the shows. We feel it is time to start again, and to bring some Stan & Ollie fun back to Battle.

As part of the original organising team we have been involved since day one, and so we are continuing as before, and we have three classic films lined for you to enjoy including the very film from which we took our name.

This time, and maybe in the future too, after showing the L&H films we shall be hanging around for a while, the bar will still be open and a few foodie type things will magically appear and even a classic Tom & Jerry or two.


Come and say hello. Come and have a chat. Do you fancy introducing a film? Any ideas you’d like to see included? Shall we show a touch of Keaton or Chaplin?

We shall be very happy to see you on the 9th.

 Paul & Mick, Below Zero Tent 

Men o War Tent 2.jpg

Men o’ War Tent of Colchester

Saturday,  2nd December (our Christmas meeting)

The winter break follows the Christmas meeting.

2024 Dates for your diary:
  Saturday, 9 March
  Saturday, 13 April
  Saturday, 18 May
  Saturday, 15 June

Since September 2022  we have been meeting at the Brantham Village Hall which has a raised stage for a clear view of the screen.

 Paul Harding

Men o War Tent 1.jpg

Cuckoo no 10

On 13 November, the government was announcing its cabinet reshuffle. television cameras were plentiful in Downing Street, and to be heard in the background in the street was the Laurel and Hardy theme tune Ku-Ku!

Int Conv logo.jpg

23rd International Convention

On behalf of Irene Velasquez and the Sacramento Another Fine Mess Tent, with haste I am reminding everyone to please get your registration checks in for the June convention now!! I hate to bear negativity, but the convention might have to be scrapped if certain numbers aren't hit by December 31st. I've talked to many who said they're going, so please mail at this time!

They have an excellent itinerary. The same group ran a superb convention in 2010 and will again! All Grand Sheiks, I'm asking you to contact your members with this info.


Convention website is

  Dave Griem

Hanley 2.jpg

Antony Mitchell-Waite announces a new short documentary…

Midnight Patrol Tent of the Sons of the Desert, takes you on a journey through the places Stan and Babe stayed and performed in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, as well as brief bits on Longton and Stafford. Includes information on the support acts for the 1952 tour.

Oldham meeting.jpg

Night Owls Tent

of Oldham

Brain of Britain, Radio 4

Just listening to this programme (Monday 6th Nov 15.00hrs)

Question  :-
Laurel & Hardy released a film, which in the UK was entitled 'Fraternal Yours'. What was the title in the US, that was adopted by the international fan organisation?

They introduced the question by stating “Here is a piece of music from the film, written by Marvin Hatley" then played an excerpt from Honolulu Baby.

The first answer given was, 'Is it Kissin Cousins' (an Elvis film, I believe).

The second answer 'Sons of the Desert’.

The host went on to explain that Honolulu Baby was the B side of their hit single 'Trail of the Lonesome Pine'.

He concluded by saying, "Great stuff”.

  Dave Williamson 

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...and finally

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