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Morecambe murals

 Bill CROUCH reports

Morecambe 1.jpg

On a recent visit to Morecambe I came across this mural on the boarded-up windows on the front of the St. George’s Masonic Hall.


Further investigation led to ‘Morecambe Murals’ which originated in 1995 and became a defining feature of the town. The artists were Patricia Haskey and Graham Lowe. The images denote aspects of the history of the area.


Of particular interest was the original mural on the wall of St. George’s Hall which, at its centre, had a publicity poster for Laurel and Hardy when they played the Winter Gardens in 1947.

Photo A.jpeg
Morecambe 3.jpeg

Manager of the Winter Gardens, Harry Smith, is seen here relaxing with Laurel and Hardy in the garden of the Elms Hotel in nearby Bare.

Morecambe 4.jpeg

The Winter Gardens is closed but is currently being restored.

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