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…and this is my friend Mr Laurel

Delighted to be back at Edinburgh Fringe Festival with …and this is my friend Mr Laurel. From 2nd August at 11:20am at The Pleasance Courtyard-Upstairs. Looking forward to seeing you! Book here

 Jeffrey Holland 


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Neil Brand evening

An Evening with Laurel & Hardy presented by Neil Brand is coming to Portsmouth this October.

From their earliest days on opposite sides of the Atlantic in Music Hall and on the stage, to their individual comedy films before they were paired up by Hal Roach, and on to their silent masterpieces before the arrival of sound, Neil will tell the touching story of the world’s greatest comedy team, who could not have been two more different men!

New Theatre Royal, Thursday 19 October

Laurel & HarDay

Gary Winstanley has released a timetable for the Laurel & HarDay in Wigan on 2nd September.

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Seaside Extravaganza

Roger Robinson tells us that places are still availble for the Seaside Extravaganza in Southend-on-Sea in September. Contact Roger for details.

Among the many attractions, Roger has added information about two special guests...

Extravaganza 1.png
Extravaganza 2.png
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Call of the Cuckoos Tent of Glasgow

The Call of the Cuckoos Tent was in fine form on 2nd August at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall, with four tents represented: Call of the Cuckoos, Bonnie Scotland, Blockheads and Our Relations.


As always, a great night was enjoyed and the Cuckoos are all set for another evening of laughter on 4th October. By special request of one of the  youngsters present, they will include The Music Box on the programme.

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Mae Busch tribute

The Mae Busch film is completed and ready for its premiere on Saturday 2nd Septober.
Thanks again to everyone who has given their time for this. The rubber cheques are in the post!

Here's the official trailer...


"Hats off to Mae Busch" (Official Trailer)
Trailer for documentary film on the life of actress Mae Busch. Produced by and featuring the Laurel & Hardy Appreciation Society "The Sons of the Desert" - For more information, visit

 Gary Winstanley

Laurel & Chaplin - The Feud

Just back from London after seeing 'Laurel & Chaplin - The Feud'. It was much as I expected, no better and no worse. There is plenty of content to enjoy though, with singing, dancing, audience participation (including me - I was in the front row and Charlie Chaplin selected me to help him with a card trick), sketches and an intermittent narration of facts about the two comedians. The two actors in the lead roles are pretty good and very athletic. Most of the cast have some circus skills which are demonstrated in the show. Overall it is a bit higgledy-piggledy. There was a neat L&H sketch in the 2nd half but I thought that a fictitious reconciliation scene was low-brow farce.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. Was my front row seat at £49 worth it? It's bread and water for a couple of weeks, but I am glad I saw the show.

 Roger Robinson

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...and finally

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