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Cobh: charity donation

As we signed off on the final invoices from the Cobh convention we were left with a small surplus. Stephen and I split this into two equal amounts and have donated to three charities that are close to both of us personally. On behalf of the delegates from the 14th European Convention the charities who benefitted were; The Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Ireland, Epilepsy Ireland and Angie's Ark Rescue (Animal Rescue).

All have acknowledged the generosity of the Sons of the Desert.

   Liam Muldowney 

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Dirty Work Pictures have a new masterpiece called Spiffed.


Catch it at

Coming soon

Look out of The Last Dance of the Cuckoos.


A trailer is at

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Paul Merton ‘loathed’ Laurel and Hardy biopic ‘Stan & Ollie’

Stan & Ollie was a well-received biopic of comedy icons Laurel and Hardy, which earned awards nominations for both of its stars, but it didn’t impress comedian Paul Merton.

Paul Merton had some harsh words for ‘Stan & Ollie’ in a new interview with The Guardian.

The Have I Got News For You team captain told The Guardian he “loathed” the movie, which focused on the double act’s later years touring the U.K.

Steve Coogan portrayed Stan Laurel, while John C. Reilly played his partner and friend Oliver Hardy in the film, directed by Filth filmmaker Jon S. Baird.

The movie features disagreement between the two men over Hardy’s decision to make the 1939 movie Zenobia without Laurel, due to the pair holding separate contracts with producer Hal Roach.

Merton, however, believes that the film’s dramatic moments were manufactured and sensationalised for the sake of the movie.
The 62-year-old said: “It tried to create drama where there was no real friction.
“If I’d seen it in a cinema, I’d have been asked to leave. Every 15 minutes, I was like: ‘Oh, for f**k’s sake!’”

Merton, promoting the re-release of two films starring his comedy hero Tony Hancock, added that the genre has historically been given something of a raw deal when it comes to serious recognition.
He theorised that comedy movies are seldom recognised at the Oscars “because comedy undermines the pomposity of calling yourself something like The Academy of Motion Pictures and Science”.
That’s not to say that Merton is an apologist for every aspect of the genre, revealing that he rarely watches modern comedy, which has “coarsened” into something “weak and lazy”.

 The Guardian (23.09.23.)

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Help for obscure critters


A front page caption from The Sunday Post, October 8, 2023 caught Bill Crouch’s eye.

The feature on pages 2 and 3 (byline, Mark Howarth, news @ Sunday states, “…new research shows that being named after a celebrity can raise invaluable interest in the wellbeing of otherwise obscure critters helping to safeguard thinning populations.”

The article goes on to say, “Someone was having a laugh when they named a species of cicada baeturia Laureli after comedian Stan Laurel. A similar species B. Hardi was named after his partner Oliver Hardy.”

Bill Crouch adds: Most people know the distinctive ‘song’ of the cicada - a buzzing hum created by the creatures. The two species mentioned are quite similar and were, in 1986 named in honour of Stan and Ollie and their films.

Organisms often receive scientific names that honour a person. Countless species names are based on famous figures.

The long-legged fly campsicnemus Charlie Chaplini was named after Chaplin in 1996 by Neal Evenhuis because of its unusual tendency to die with bowed middle legs. In 2021 a dragonfly was named after Chaplin - the resemblance being Chaplin’s iconic toothbrush moustache. Chaplin has been honoured three times by having organisms named after him.

The LIve Ghost Tent

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Music Box Steps Day

Sat. Oct 21, 2023


Celebrate Music Box Steps Day 12-3pm
925 Vendome (Laurel & Hardy Park)


Sons in Spain

Football team in Spain, spotted by Murray Crouch.


Can anyone cast any light on this strange sighting?

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Saps at 25

The Saps at Sea Tent in Southend celebrated their 25th birthday at the Naval & Military Club on Sunday 8th October. There was a bumper raffle of 25 prizes as well as cakes and sweets.

At the Panopticon

Panopt Oct.jpg

There was a good turnout at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow on 4th October for the final Laurel and Hardy show of the 2023 season.

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...and finally

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