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Sons of the Desert

14th European Convention

COBH 2023

 8-11 September 2023 

Liam on Cobh

Convention organiser LIAM MULDOWNEY, Grand Sheik of the JItterbugs Tent, has some notes and numerous photographs on Facebook.

His text is reproduced here and a few of his photos.

Go to Facebook for more!

Don't know where to start... 6 years plus in the planning and just like that..... our Cobh conclave is over... I do know from the feedback we received that it will last forever in the memories of those who joined us for the 14th European Convention. We kept our fingers crossed for good weather but I never ever thought we would be sending people home with sunburn. From the start it exceeded everyone's expectations.

Andy and Matt's film was a tear jerking moment.

Adrian Gebruers joining us for dinner and then unveiling the permanent reminder in the Heritage Centre by way of a plaque.


The moment we gathered on the steps of the Cathedral to hear the sound of the Carillon Bells ring out the Cuckoo Song to us and the people of Cobh at the exact time, 70 years to the day that they rang out for Stan and Ollie. Being allowed access to the bell tower for that moment was special. I'm told that tears flowed and our delegates embraced as they listened and relived the moment once more.

Watching the boys from Lucky Dog Theatre perform as Stan and Ollie on the bandstand and hearing the laughter from the Cobh children and their parents was special. My thanks to Cobh Tourism for all their help. Thanks Hendrick.

Our trip to Spike Island and hearing us sing on the ferry over as the other day trippers recorded us and even joined in.

Our banquets and our musicians, our entertainers on Saturday night.


The heckling at that quiz that we as hosts lost. Congrats to the US team.

The people of Cobh just wanting to talk to us and the older population telling us that they were those children who were let out of school on that morning in 1953 when the word got out that Laurel and Hardy were in town. THAT was special.

The music, the singing, the pub visits and the laughter. Everything slotted into place for us and it worked.

The hotel, the food, the camaraderie, the late night sing songs, the Irish welcome and the whole spirit and atmosphere... WOW...

Tip of the derby to the Commodore Hotel.

I've too many photos to choose from so I'm just going to upload them in a few posts... If you were there, take a look...

And to each of you who joined us... Thank you..

I think I can speak for all the boys and girls at Jitterbugs Convention HQ when I say it was a pleasure to have you all here and an even better pleasure to see you all having a great time.

After 3....... "We are the Sons of the Desert, having the time of our lives"...


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