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Ulverston Carnival

The Sons of the Desert were out in force on 1st July for the Ulverston Carnival. They staged their own parade very successfully. Some Sons visited a local dementia care home and sang some of our songs, to the delight of the residents.
And, as is customary, the Stan Laurel pub and the Laurel and Hardy Museum were popular attractions.


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Them That Hills Tent of Darmstadt at 20

On Saturday 24.06.2023 we celebrated our 20th anniversary of Them Thar Hills Tent # 246 with over 80 guests. Our programme for the day included classic car tours, a guided tour of the city, Pee Wee, a buffet, surprises and, of course, films by Stan and Ollie.


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New Grand Sheik of Night Owls Tent

We welcome a new Grand Sheik for the Night Owls Tent of Oldham...

Mark Rowe,

14 Emmanuel Court,



OL9 8EG.

2024 International Convention


The organisers of the 2024 International Convention advise that a hotel reservation with the Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown will begin on August 1, 2023 (not July 1 as they originally posted in their flyer, below).

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Hexham cinema event reminder

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On the telly

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Doug McMahon and Ollie met lookalikes Simon  and Kevin at the Seven Valley Railway on 1st July.


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