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Madge Jefferson's

Cathcart Cemetery, Glasgow

 Bill Crouch reports

Recently a new thin gold/bronze coloured metal inscription plate has
replaced the tawdry, worn and damaged white plastic plate which
mysteriously appeared several years ago.

Friends of Cathcart Cemetery, a local community group, whose aim is
to protect and promote the cemetery gave the following response to an

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your email.

We do not know who made the memorial for Margaret Jefferson. The first version turned up during COVID lockdown and people assumed it was us that did it. We assumed it was your group but neither of us have done it. I have noticed it has been redone and imagine it is the same person but we never got to find out who.


Jonathan Tremlett

When asked if the new plate was official and permanent, East
Renfrewshire Council, who have control over these matters, gave the
following update:

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email regarding the marker placed at the late
Margaret Jefferson’s lair in Cathcart Cemetery.

This marker is not a fixed headstone therefore is not permanent. As
previously stated, a family member had been in touch regarding this
and asked us not to remove it, therefore we have respected their

Kind Regards
Sandra Rankin
Neighbourhood Services Senior Support Assistant
Parks & Cemeteries
Environment Department

Tel: 0141 577 3913


The mystery continues.

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