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John Field RIP
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With a heavy heart, I have to inform you about the loss of our Dear Friend and Beloved Grand Sheik of the Saps At Sea San Diego Tent. He was 65 years old and had multiple health issues including heart disease and diabetes. Although the exact cause is unknown at this time, he did pass in his sleep peacefully and is no longer in pain.

Our tent just wrapped up its 45th year and will begin its 46 season next February, with John having been the GS for over 3 decades. He had been a member of the Sons since the 1970’s. He was so glad that Sons from his tent were able to go to the UK & have a splendid time with our sister Saps more than once! He was also very taken by the ringing of the bells in Cobh. John will be missed greatly by all he knew, from the Sons to film collectors and classic movie/TV fans everywhere. He was also a voice-over artist, actor, historian, movie and poster restorer, reviewer, movie collector and master of ceremonies hosting many events.

He was administrator to several Facebook pages including, but not limited to, vintage movie monsters to actor George Reeves. Besides Laurel and Hardy, he loved vintage animation, science fiction movies and anything horror related in the ‘golden age’ of cinema. He had a passion for the character of Superman, particularly anything and anyone associated with the Adventures of Superman 1950’s TV series. He actually knew and became good friends with actors Bob Shayne and Noel Neill from that show. John got to know many celebrities in his lifetime. Among the Hal Roach folks, he knew: Lois and Tony, Marvin, Lucille, Richard Currier, a niece of Hal Roach, plus so many more… He was a true Son in every sense!

RIP Mr John Field, Exhausted Grand Sheik, Saps At Sea (Oasis#30) San Diego
(December 2, 1957-November 3, 2023)


 David Webb

















The timing of John's passing has proven to be quite ironic. Later this week, myself, David, and another Sap are planning to start speaking with hotels with respect to a possible future convention. I have been tapped to be the head of what, at this moment, is an exploratory committee, to look into setting up a bid at Sacramento for the San Diego Saps, Oasis 30, to host the 2026 International convention.


So far, I'm happy to report, that we are being received by great enthusiasm for this by many and including some prominent Sons, such as Bob Satterfield, Rick Greene, and Gene Sorkin (who has already provided valuable assistance). In the now aftermath of John's unfortunate passing, I just wanted to assure everyone and reinforce that our commitment and resolve to follow this through is stronger than ever. Now I feel an added motivation. I want to organize and deliver a fine convention (BTW, the theme of which will be titled A Century of the Boys at Hal Roach, since it will mark 100 years since they started at the Lot of Fun). This convention will stand in tribute to a man who loved Laurel and Hardy, loved San Diego, and loved the Saps at Sea Tent for 44 years and who had  the stewardship of said Tent for nearly the last three decades.

I think John would be proud of what we'll come up with. Most unfortunately,  health issues and other crises in John's life regrettably would have precluded John from being able to take on a full leadership position in organizing such an event, if you're wondering why I am at the helm. I was drafted as I've had good experience running events including twice organizing full on four day festivals for the International Al Jolson Society. (2003 and 2017)

John was perfectly willing to let this be my baby, so to speak. I hope he is at peace now and that we can bring some pride for the Saps and the spotlight on a wonderful city and destination.

We are excited to begin this adventure and hopeful for the prospects. Hopefully, we will be able to ID the right hotel in the near future. More to follow...

God bless all the Sons and look forward to hearing from you.

 Dave Greim, Chairman, SonsFest SD2026

John Field cartoon.jpg

A very fine tribute to John

courtesy of Jorge Pacheco

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