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International Convention is back on!
Sacramento Conv.jpg

"Mucho gusto. Correcto. Sacramento."

The gods of laughter MUST love Laurel and Hardy! For divine intervention has, for the second time this week, smiled down on the Sons’ orbit. In addition to a new venue for the UK Birmingham convention, I am delighted to inform you, for Irene Velasquez and the Another Fine Mess Tent, that the International Convention June 27-30, 2024 in Sacramento, CA is back on!

I hope we can salvage the lions' share of the almost 70 delegates paid to date, and hopefully, double that number over the next couple months. Nothing like a little persistence and renegotiation of contracts! Big oaks from little acorns grow! The day at Niles silent film museum by itself is worth attending. So come on Stan and Ollie lovers, we're back!

 Dave Greim 

2024 Int Conv logo.jpg
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