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2025 European Convention

Friday, 11th
Morning Registration at the hotel– goody bags, t-shirt – Laurel & Hardy exhibitions.
Afternoon Going to the Centre with private busses or by walk. Guided walking tour of Prato.
Evening Cocktails and buffet dinner at an historical location in the Centre of the town. Sons of the Desert Parade. Night show at an historical theatre in the Centre of the town: Laurel & Hardy movies and live Sons entertain. Private busses to come back at the hotel.
Saturday, 12th
Morning Guided tourist tour of Florence (with private busses and by walk).
Afternoon Guided or free tourist tour of Florence (by walk) and final guided tourist tour of the town (by private busses).
Evening Dinner at the hotel. Come dressed like in your Hal Roach Studio favorite movies!
Night show at the hotel: Laurel & Hardy movies and live Sons entertain.
Sunday, 13th
Morning Entertainment at the hotel: Dealer’s room – Author’s panel  – Quiz – Blotto Tent #306’s games (pee-wee etc.) etc. Lunch at the hotel.
Afternoon Pie fight in a central football field of the town.
Evening Cocktails, dinner and night show with Laurel & Hardy’s movies and live music, at an historical location in the Centre of the town.
Monday, 14th
Morning Morning free – Dealer’s room in hotel. Farewell lunch at the hotel – Prizes for the competitions winners – Convention photos showing – Passing of the pineapple – Farewell.
Always at the hotel
Laurel & Hardy’s movies, photos, art, lobby card and memorabilia exhibitions.

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