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George Allen RIP

My dad George passed away last night [20th August]. I managed to get him in a home on Canvey Island which he loved and he had wonderful care. I also want to let the Sons of the Desert know that he loved being part of our organisation and had so much fun and laughter and the special friends he made over the years. I also have special memories which I wouldn't have had without the Sons. He was always telling people what he did and met. He is with my mum now. She has been waiting so long for him. Love and miss you, Dad.

 Paul Allen

Until very recently. George lived by himself in Dagenham. His health had deteriorated over the last couple of years and, following a couple of falls, Paul had recently managed to arrange for George to live in a Care Home on Canvey Island. This was about a month ago. George was pleased to make the move, as he had the company of other residents and the care of the staff.

George was in his nineties and loved to be in the company of Sons of the Desert at Conventions and Saps At Sea meetings. Although he has not been well enough to come to our meetings for the last couple of years, we will remember him with great affection, enjoying the warmth of friendship of the Sons. RIP George Allen

   Roger Robinson 

Oh dear! This is very sad news. We all loved George and it was always a treat to be with him. He never stopped smiling!

RIP, George, and thanks for being my friend.

 Willie McIntyre


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