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Southend Film Festival

The Southend-on-Sea Film Festival will take place at the Park Inn Palace Hotel (where L&H stayed in 1952) and runs between Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th June. There is a great variety of films see this link:-   I am pleased to say that once again I will be presenting ‘The Laurel & Hardy Laughter Show’. This year I have gone for something different – the complete and restored version of Atoll K. I do recommend that this version should be seen by all L&H fans, because it is much, much better than the grainy and edited versions that have only been available. This version was premiered at the National Film Theatre a few year ago and I think everyone will agree it was a brave attempt for the comedy duo to do something different in their final film. Yes, Stan does not look well (he was ill during the making of the film) but it is a rare chance to see this film as it should be shown on the BIG screen. It will be supported by Angora Love on 16mm

 Roger Robinson

SOS Film Show(1).JPG

Hyde tribute
Stan and Ollie Tribute made a guest appearance at Tame Valley Classic Car Show in Hyde, Manchester on Saturday 13th May. Stuart and Graeme Green, of the Sailors Beware Tent excelled when the Stan and Ollie Tribute made a guest appearance at Tame Valley Classic Car Show in Hyde, Manchester on Saturday Their website is at

Hyde car show.png

Lynton & Lynmouth Steam Punk Day

Lookalikes made it to the Lynton & Lynmouth Steam Punk Day on 13th May. We don’t know who they were, though!

Cliff Railway Day celebrates the UK’s extraordinary funicular cliff railways across the UK and at Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway. They marked the occasion with a Steampunk gathering within the towns,.
Bob Shaddick of the Cliff Railway who helped promote the event said: “We even had comedy mayhem from a local Laurel and Hardy act.”

Cliff Railway Day steampunk gathering will return next year on Saturday, May 13 2023.

steampunk poster.jpg
Lookalikes at Devon.jpg
Lookalikes at Devon 2.jpg

Hexham show


I can confirm the date of our forthcoming Big Screen event in Hexham at the Forum Cinema. We will get together there with several Sons from 'Out of Town' on Saturday 15th July with a start time of 5.00pm. I'm still to confirm the programme but will do so as soon as I can.

The cinema is nice and central in this beautiful little town with lots of nearby watering holes serving plenty of mountain water - It's the iron in it - and plenty of fooderies too, including a Wetherspoons downstairs. Watch this space!

 Mike Jones

Forum cinema 2.jpg

Bonnie Scotland Tent

When it’s the meeting before the Convention, it means only one thing, and so it came to pass that Sons of the Desert was our feature. You can never tire of that film. We also watched the Stan solo, The Soilers - the one with the cowboy.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 25 May. Whatever films we’re showing, they’ll be in
black and white – which rules out Tree in a Test-Tube.


 Janice Hawton

Saps at Sea Tent

Saps May fun.png

Next screening at the Panopticon

Panopticon May 2023 jpg.jpg

Yanks Ahoy

Bill Oates sent us this terrific screen capture of James Finlayson in "Yanks Ahoy”. Bill is researching Fin and shares our hope for a book on this great Scots actor.

Yanks Ahoy 2(1).JPG
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Projectors on offer

A friend is looking for a good home for three vintage projectors. Interested parties should contact Dorothy Walker on Tel. no. 0131 556 9493.

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...and finally

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