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Bristol Convention cancelled

Grand Sheik Peter Andrews is sorry to announce that the “Fraternal Yours” Convention planned for Bristol this September has been cancelled.

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The Fiddle and the Bow

Andrew Shepherd has re-written his play The Fiddle and the Bow and will be performing it at Rotherham Civic Theatre on Thursday 11th May. Recommended.


Front cover of the latest Wigan Athletic fanzine, posted on Facebook by Gary Winstanley.


The Live Ghost Tent of London

Cinema Musem 1.png
Cinema Museum 2.png

Laughing Gravy Tent of Birmingham

LG birthday cake.jpg

The tent celebrates in style.

Brats meet 1.jpg
Brats meet 2.jpg

Brats Tent of Sheffield

A couple of images from our April meeting of the Brats Tent at the Harlequin.

Highlights included a visit from actor Andrew Shepherd who came along to advertise his re-written one-man play The Fiddle and the Bow, which he will be performing at Rotherham Civic Theatre on Thursday 11th May. It would be great if Sons could support Andrew's play - he would really appreciate it.

The beer was great as usual, as were the chip butties, and there was fun and joviality all around.

 John Burton

Panopt April 2023.JPG

Call of the Cuckoos Tent

of Glasgow

The Call of the Cuckoos Tent was back in action at the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow on 5th April. On the screen were Sons of the Desert plus a couple of mirthful two-reelers.


The tent will be there again on 31st May for more fun with Stan and Ollie in Saps at Sea. All are welcome.


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On the telly

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...and finally

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