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Convention in Cobh


As part of the 14th European Laurel and Hardy Convention in Cobh, we will unveil a permanent reminder to everyone that Stan and Ollie arrived to a huge and emotional welcome, way back in 1953. The guys at Cobh Heritage Centre understood our passion and allowed us free reign to design and pick a memorial plaque. We decided on a brass plate mounted onto a piece of Irish oak.

As we have tried to do throughout the entire planning process, we have used local and small businesses and in my local park there is a craft centre that showcases designers, artists and trades that wouldn't normally be found on the high street.

Located amongst them we found our plaque maker who has spent a lot of time working on our design especially the Sons of the Desert logo which is quite detailed.

After a few hair-pulling moments he has managed to get the test piece up to his high standard and we are now ready to cast the sign that will remind tourists and visitors to Cobh for many years to come, that the world’s best loved comedians once stood where they stand.


 Liam Muldowney 

Charlie and Stan

I went to see this remarkable and very entertaining show on 25th January. It was staged at the historic Wilton Music Hall in London, a very appropriate venue for a mime (95%) show about Fred Karno and his two World famous performers, Charlie and Stan.


I had seen the production about three years ago and it has now been tweaked to emphasise extra characteristics of Chaplin and Laurel. It is certainly different, as the actors are not type-cast, as seen by the attached photo of Jerone Marsh-Reid (Stan) and Danielle Bird (Charlie).


After the show, I introduced the cast to Louise Murchison, Fred Karno’s great grand-daughter. They had no idea that she was in the audience and were bowled over to meet her and see some of her memorabilia including signed photos of Charlie and Fred. It certainly was a very special evening for everyone.


The show is thoroughly recommended. I love it. I will do an article in the up and coming  ‘The Perry Winkle’ magazine (No 99).


 Roger Robinson 

Charlie and Stan.jpg
Desert Sun.png

At the races

I came across this racehorse running in Pau, France. The translation is Desert Sun, and by the way it ran it must have just returned home from a convention.


 John Burton 

Another fine mess


Mark Rodgers spotted this in the Daily Mirror (21.01.23.).

AFM press.jpeg
Fiddle and Bow.jpg

The Fiddle & the Bow

The Fiddle & the Bow is back! Catch the highly acclaimed show at the Rotherham Civic Centre in May

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On the telly

Silent Comedy Watch Party.jpg

Watch Party

On 15th January, on The Silent Comedy Watch Party, they were finally able to show a L&H film! Copyright issues in America were lifted at the start of this year, so Ben Model and Steve Massa showed "Putting Pants on Philip". They also mentioned Dave Wyatt a couple of times. As always, it was a delightful presentation. They also showed a rarity: "Our Gang At Home". Dave was mentioned in their comments on this 9.5mm film discovery.  

The Silent Comedy Watch Party ep. 88 - 1/15/23 - Ben Model and Steve Massa - YouTube


 Eric Schultz 

Roy Hudd Statue Appeal


Debbie Hudd is endeavouring to raise sufficient monies to erect a Statue for her late husband, the wonderful Roy Hudd. As we all know, Roy’s hard-work, enthusiasm, knowledge and friendly personality endeared him to Music Hall and Variety audiences over many years. The Statue would be a loving and lasting memorial to Roy Hudd.


Please see the website for more details. 


 Roger Robinson 

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...and finally

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