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Elland reminder

Organist from The Rex Cinema in Elland here! I’m pleased to share with you that our annual Laurel and Hardy show will be happening on Saturday 23rd March. The films showing are Way Out West supported by Big Business, Men O’ War and Thicker Than Water. I’ll be accompanying Big Business on the organ!

  Ben Hinchliffe 


The Perry Winkle

The Perry Winkle 103 is another triumph for Roger Robinson and his team. To subscribe or to enquire, contact Roger. Highly recommended.

PW 103.jpg

Convention bid

Spotted in the newsletter of the Brats Tent of Sheffield.

Convention proposal.jpg
Fiddle & Bow.jpg

The Fiddle and the Bow

The Fiddle and the Bow play with Andrew Craig Shepherd is coming soon on a national tour.

Here's a clip of the promotional video.

Scooter display

Look who is on the cover of the latest ScooterNova magazine.

Scooter Nova.jpg
hat 1.jpg
hat 2.jpg
hat 3.jpg

Blackpool collection

Mark Rodgers spotted on BBC 6 o’clock News (12/3/2024) a feature about the new 'Showtown' attraction in Blackpool.

Dave Williamson saw an item on the BBC News website, about this, a new museum in Blackpool. He reports:

Amongst other items of clothing from famous entertainers, it claims to have an original bowler, signed by Stan.
Here is a copy of some content from the 'Visit Blackpool' website:

Objects on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum include much loved comedian and entertainer Tommy Cooper’s headtwister illusion magic trick and costumes worn by comedy stars Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise.


A rare signed black bowler hat which was owned by film and comedy star Stan Laurel and acquired by Blackpool Council will also be on view.!-blackpool-s-first-museum-is-official


Book support

I’m a member of the Sunderland Seniors Supporters club (I’m not old enough, obviously) but I donated one of my books to their raffle, sold 10 copies on the back of it and the chap who won the raffle copy not only paid for it, but he attended our tent meeting the following week and brought two of his pals with him! They’ve all already confirmed that they will attend whenever possible in future and are keen on coming to Ulverston in July.

  Mike Jones 

Mike's book.png
in Rome.jpg

In Rome

Fred Terris (3rd left) sent us this photo from Rome. Among the rugby attenders you will spot Sons Janice Hawton and Peter Küpers.

drinks cartoon.jpeg

...and finally

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