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2025 UK Convention fully booked

The 2025 UK Convention is fully booked.  Dave Ballard says, “We have 140 signed up now so we are officially full, with a reserve list for anyone who would like to join that.”

John Burton & Dave Ballard.jpg
Ulverston visit.jpg

Ulverston gathering

A large number of Sons descended on Ulverston on 6th July, congregating at the Laurel and Hardy Museum. A grand time was obviously enjoyed by all!

The photo is by Gary Winstanley and Gary has posted a short video of the event at

2026 International Convention

The Saps at Sea Tent of San Diego have been chosen as the hosts of the 2026, 24th International Convention. It will be held at the Legacy Hotel, Resort and Spa in San Diego from Sunday, June 21, 2026 till Thursday, June 25, 2026.

Convention Chairman Dave Greim

with the prized pineapple

Dave Greim with pineapple.jpg
Bill & Jamie.jpg

On the road

“Our trunk is on the bottom,” said Jamie and Bill on their way to the International Convention a few weeks ago.


Hat sold

Murray Crouch spotted that a bowler hat owned by Stan Laurel was sold by Bonhams recently.

Stan Laurel: An Autographed Bowler Hat


Owned by Stan Laurel, black felt hat, the inner band signed in black ink and inscribed 'Thanks Harry!', maker's label removed, together with a certificate of authenticity from the Museum of Entertainment, Truro, and two photographs depicting the chairman at the time of Bradford & Bingley Building Society with Laurel's cousin, Nancy Wardell holding the hat.

Hat 5.png
Hat 2.png
hat auction.png
Hat 4.png
Hat 3.png
Hats Off to CH.png

Hats Off to Charlie Hall

I have finished the director's cut of "Hats Off to Charlie Hall". It's the biggest documentary I've now done, with a running time of 54 mins. It features all of Charlie's appearances with Laurel and Hardy plus clips of Charlie's other film appearances, including his last one on-screen.

This project started at the beginning of October 2023, then soon into the research, my heart trouble began (the two aren't related!) After a few months recovering, getting the motivation to carry on and my energy levels back up, I resumed work on it at the beginning of February 2024, working constantly on it since.

The film will be previewed at the Laughing Gravy Tent's August meeting.

The version we'll show at the Laurel and HarDay is likely be cut down a bit.

I want to thank everyone involved with this production (you know who you are). It couldn't have been done without you. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the final cut.

 Gary Winstanley 

Forum 1.jpg
Hexham 2.jpg

Hexham residents Mr and Mrs Jeff Martin dressed for the occasion for the second year running

Hexham event

What a brilliant time we had at our second annual big screen event at the Forum Theatre in Hexham!

83 attended and we enjoyed ‘Twice Two’, ‘Brats’ and ‘Our Relations’ in a ‘two Laurels and Hardys for the price of one’ programme.

Just shy of £190 was raised for tent funds and Charity and I shifted another 10 books - meaning another £100 to the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen is already in place.

Even the fire alarms going off in the middle of ‘Our Relations’ didn’t dampen the enjoyment, though it felt like a terrible catsafterme at the time.

Next year’s event is already planned, dates to follow.

   Mike Jones 

At the Panopticon

Panopticon August 2024 jpg copy.jpg

In Battle

TP Lucky Dog.jpg

On the telly


...and finally

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