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The Perry Winkle


The latest issue of The Perry Winkle (no104) has arrived. Another beauty!


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Jimmy Murphy book

The paperback is back in print and now, for the first time ever, "Stan Laurel’s Valet - The Jimmy Murphy Story" is available on Amazon for KINDLE at only $9.95!


The only book that covers each stop on Laurel and Hardy’s American Theater Tours. Contributors include Lois Laurel-Hawes, Sid Gould (who with Lou Parker toured with the team), Frank Melfo (violinist for their Ohio dates), Gale Storm, and many staff, theater owners and patrons.

If you knew Jimmy, it will bring back pleasant memories. If you did not know him, this biography will allow you to appreciate a man who Laurel considered a friend and his daughter called "Uncle Jimmy." Many photos in this book are published here for the first time, including photos from the Lois Laurel-Hawes collection.

 Irv Hyatt

Bowler Dessert highly

recommends this book.

It is great!

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Below Zero Tent of Battle

At our last get together, we had a visit from Saps at Sea, from Southend, who we took out for some Sussex style Italian hospitality after the show.

Our next show is part of Battle Festival. Therefore, to fit into their schedule and, as we know there are some who can’t make Saturday afternoons, our show will be on 

Thursday 25th July at 7.30pm


We shall be showing the much loved  feature
“Way Out West”  supported by the classic short “Busy Bodies”. Sounds like nothing but a load of fun !

 Mick Hoad

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Beau Chumps Tent of Sunderland

At the Chumps meeting (12th June) over 30 of us had a great night which opened with meeting our youngest member, Jessica Jane Butler, with proud parents, Patrick and Sara.

Andrea and Ashleigh from this years charity, the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen visited and we enjoyed ‘Putting Pants on Philip’, Gary Winstanley’s splendid ‘Stan Laurel Comedy Genius’ and ‘Another Fine Mess’.

The hot beef dips were wonderful and we raised almost £100 for tent funds. Original Chump Bob Greenwood joined us in full regalia again too - it’s always great to see him.

Night Owls Tent of Oldham

Tom McGrath play in Edinburgh

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Forum Cinema, Hexham screens Laurel and Hardy movie trio

An iconic comedy duo will delight audiences nearly a century after first appearing on our screens.

Laurel and Hardy, a British-American comedy team performing from the late 1920s to the mid-1950s, will return to the big screen in a triplicate of movies on June 22 at 4.30pm.

The Forum Cinema, in Hexham, will host the event, which will be the second time the screening has taken place.  Two Laurel and Hardy short films - Twice Two and Brats - and a feature - Our Relations - will be shown.
To book tickets, go to

 Hexham Courant (18.06.24.)

Full article: click here.

The Audience Hexham 2023.JPG.article-962.jpg

Last year's show was a great success.

The Beau Chumps Tent will again host the event this year


Spied on the internet


We are reminded of the MGM Laurel and Hardy club. It was founded in 1935, and folded in 1939.


Cri-Cri was its successful magazine.

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...and finally

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