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Heinz Hoppe RIP

Just a short sad note to tell you that my father Heinz peacefully passed away in his sleep in the afternoon of 23rd.

Bound in his bed for the last 4 weeks, he had lost all his will to live on!

 Harry Hoppe

Heinz Hoppe.jpg

First Sons Spiff Up (in Sheffield)

A great time was had by all at the Sons Spiff Up yesterday (1st June) in Sheffield. It was great to see some of our Brats board members at large to host visiting Sons of the Desert from around the country.

 Mark Johnson


Fun card

This picture was hung in Stan Laurel's office.

 Gary Stanley Slade

Block-Heads Tent of France

My name is Jack Delente and I am the Grand Sheik of the Block-Heads Tent in France.

I am currently looking to buy original press photos of the Boys' various tours in England (1932, 1947, 1952, 1953/54). Do you know by chance of any serious British collectors who might be willing to help me out in my search?

Our latest meeting was held last Sunday. It was a huge success, for all of the films that we showed were on 35mm. Our members DO love seeing the Boys' films the same as when first issued to movie theaters.

 Jack Delente

Phone numbers : 33 1 / 33 6

film strip.jpg

Men o' War Tent of Colchester

Our next Men o' War Tent meeting is fast approaching and this will be our last meeting before the summer break. It shares the weekend with Stan Laurel's birthday and we are marking the occasion with a "free entry for all" evening.

Nigel is bringing in his 35mm projector (that's the format used in most cinemas pre-digital times) to show his 35mm print of Laughing 20's, so expect a great result up there on the big screen. The full programme is listed on the website.

It's the usual times for the evening (first film approx 7.45) but, as it's a free evening, we may have some new visitors so it may be worthwhile arriving a bit earlier to get your favourite seat. (It would be over-optimistic to expect we might hit maximum capacity of around 80...)

After the summer break we resume meetings on 14th September. More dates are listed in the newsletter.


 Paul Harding

men o' war tent.png
Jackson dance.png

Jackson video

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